Le Cedrare Restaurant

The restaurant is an integral part of the 18th century Villa Perez-Pompei-Sagramoso, set in the greenhouses of the villa where in the past citrus trees were brought in for the winter.

The environment is therefore well-lit by the ample glass walls which were once necessary to ensure the flowering of the citrus trees that flank the large gardens that surround the villa.

The gardens themselves are an oasis of relaxation and tranquillity thanks to the musical sound of the fountains, lit by night, in which the greenery of the plants and trees that envelop the restaurant and the villa is reflected. In the evening the light is more subtle; the gardens thus create a pleasing cosy atmosphere with their outdoor dinner tables placed close to the fountains.

This location rich in charm and elegance meets the standards of the chef Marcantonio Sagramoso, a valid representative of fine cuisine with attention to detail, flanked by his wife Eleonora Gozzo, a true countess in her welcoming of guests and diners.

The restaurant, as well as being set apart for its refined cuisine, is also notable for the relation between the great quality ingredients that make up the dishes and the price related to the courses in the menu: once considered solely as a restaurant hosting special event lunches and dinners such as weddings, christenings or in any case for elite banqueting, it now wishes to enter into everyone's daily life as a friendly and familiar location that expresses the values of Marcantonio and Eleonora.

Their main interest is directed towards those who wish to taste exquisite dishes both within the Veronese tradition and beyond.

This is "the restaurant" which will know how to welcome you on your most pleasant of evenings, for your important occasions, as a couple or with your family; for your meetings or business lunches ... it is your family dining room away from home!

On advance booking, the chef, proud of his lineage, also offers tours of the villa's interior as well as the chance to enjoy its ample gardens from which one may admire the Illasi castle.