Who we are

The Restaurant "Le Cedrare" of villa Perez-Pompei-Sagramoso is set among the friezes of the villa's ancient greenhouse where the citrus trees used to be brought in for the winter, built by Vincenzo Pellesina, the same architect who designed parts of the Palace of Versailles.

Now the restaurant becomes the enchanting location for encountering the many facets of the world of food, wine and much more ...

During the summer, the Le Cedrare Restaurant has tables for outdoor dining so one may savour in the open air the delicacies of the award winning Chef-Count Marcantonio Sagramoso, renowned primarily for the quality of his dishes both in Italy and abroad as well as for his noble lineage.

Running the restaurant alongside his wife Eleonora and thanks to his culinary style based on careful research and attention to detail, the aristocratic defendant of traditional Italian cuisine, offers guests a personal interpretation which always incorporates seasonal ingredients.
This lavish description could lead one to think that the restaurant and villa, overlooked by the castle of Illasi, are elite locations reserved for the few, to those who can afford them ...
This impression is misleading: in actual fact the restaurant offers great value for money.