Cadillac series 75 Limousine

At a unique event on a special day you deserve to treat yourself to something rare like a Cadillac Limousine!

Marcantonio likes to describe himself as a "Chef with a passion for American motors" and from today he is offering for hire his 1958 Caddy.

A little history: its 2007 when Marcantonio finally manages to find the original American car from the 50s-60s that he had long been searching for; it's love at first sight when he "meets" her, a Cadillac series 75 limousine del 1958 and his heart tells him that lady could be his.

Knowing that he had a true piece of American history, before him, he purchased this impossible to find car: only 630 had been made and only 4 or 5 are now in circulation worldwide.

It took two years of customization and careful restorative work to preserve original features and this long painstaking process with many difficult decisions and discouraging moments was only possible due to great patience and motivation. But now the Caddy has been restored to its former glory and to the condition it had just out of the car store 60 years earlier..

Marcantonio will be pleased to tell you all about his Caddy and is at your disposal if you want to treat yourselves to a unique gift on your special day, contact him directly.

This fascinating process was told in "American Meeting", the first and only Italian journal entirely dedicated to American culture and which acknowledged this story.